China’s PV Industry Faces Big Potential Risks

Shanghai, China [Xinhua Economic News Service] China has become the world’s third largest solar cell producer in the world after Japan and Europe, with the solar cell output reaching 370MW (Taiwan’s output of 200MW not included) last year. However, China’s photovoltaic market lags far behind the development of the photovoltaic industry, making the latter face big potential risks. At present, China has more than 500 photovoltaic enterprises including six listed on overseas stock markets … the industry circle thus advocates the Chinese government to offer subsidies and incentives to solar energy- based electricity generation so as to stimulate the demand on the domestic photovoltaic market and guarantee the development of the photovoltaic industry. China has so far issued the Renewable Energy Law and related Implementation Rules, but the detailed rules and policies are not fully conform[ed] to the industry target. So the photovoltaic market develops slowly in China.
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