China will continue to lead the global photovoltaic industry in the future three years

Through the European debt crisis, anti-dumping and other series of blows, the Chinese photovoltaic inverter industry has appeared with some positive factors. In one hand, the supporting policy has been increasing clear. In the other hand, with the integration tide coming, the sever imbalance of supply and demand will be improved in the screening.


The latest GTM Research report said that after the industrial screening, till 2015, the nine leading solar module manufacturers listed, China will occupied 7. But the two leading enterprises are not listed in anyway.


The opportunity has come after the break down and screening of the backward solar inverter enterprises.


Although US has published the final ruling of anti-dumping on Chinese PV product, the Europe followed, but the local PV solar industry has also been suffering. Recently, there have been many overseas PV companies claim bankruptcy and reducing production. 


The GTM report said that the solar industry has also been overcapacity. It is prospected that the average production capacity will be over 35G. But Metha said, so far, the screen level of the solar manufacturer has little effect in releasing the overcapacity problem. The benefit of the PV supply chain still faces a challenge unless the Chinese production capacity can achieve substantial rationalization.


A industrial person also claims that the key step to take Chinese PV solar inverter industry off the difficulties is to achieve the the survival of the fittest of Chinese photovoltaic production capacity.  

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