China Increasing Solar Hot Water Production

A project aimed at boosting China’s solar water heating technology kicked off in Beijing on this week.

BEIJING, China – April 22, 2002 [] The project, jointly sponsored by the State Trade and Economic Commission (SETC) and the United Nations Foundation, focuses on the integration of solar water heating systems into buildings. According to the scheme, the SETC, together with the Ministry of Construction, will organize demonstration projects for the integration system in three Chinese cities within three years, devise relevant evaluation standards and train some designers and installers for the projects. A Chinese official said that China is a top-ranked country in the production and sales of solar water heaters. The SETC has set the goal of increasing the production capacity of solar water heaters in the next few years. To reach that goal, it will also strengthen international cooperation with organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program and the Asian Development Bank.


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