China become the fourth country mastering the technology of solar thermal power plant

The first solar thermal power plant has been built successfully in our country. It shows that Chinese people has mastered the technological chain of the solar power inverter changing light to electricity, including key technology, key materials and the final integration technology, as well as the moderation and operation technology.


Under the great trend of reform of the global Low-carbon economy and new energy, the solar thermal power has obtained attention never before. Its carbon emissions are the lowest in all power generation. In addition, in terms of energy efficiency, it completely uses high temperature brought by solar power inverter concentrator instead of high temperatures generated by coal-fired or gas-fired process. They do not need to consume conventional fossil fuels and energy-saving effect is self-evident. We define it as an energy alternative.


Solar thermal power plants only get success in the test stage. For the further pv inverter development in the future, the focus will be on promoting technology to industrialization.

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