Children’s Play – The ABC’s of Solar Power

Solar energy is a smart and energy efficient way to power your home. We believe it’s important to teach children about solar so that they will be in a better position to make the right energy choices when they are older. However, solar power can be confusing to understand, even for adults. Palmetto Solar wants to help simplify solar energy for your kids and get them excited about going solar! Use these simple solar ABC’s to initiate the solar energy talk with your kids.

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“A” — Solar Power is Awesome!

Solar energy is just another way of saying energy from the sun. The sun is everywhere and gives off more energy in one second, than people have used from the beginning of time! When the suns’ rays reach Earth, the energy can be collected and used to power anything from calculators and road signs to bigger things like buildings, planes and your home.

“B” — Because Solar Power is good for you and your family!

Solar energy is a form of clean energy and is good for the planet. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are harmful to Earth and cause pollution. The exhaust that comes out of our cars gets into the air that we breathe and makes us sick, oil spills have killed thousands of animals, and the atmosphere around our planet has been damaged by people all over the world using fossil fuels. Another problem with fossil fuels is that they are running out! This makes them harder to get and more expensive.

When we switch to solar energy we never have to worry about harming our planet or running out of energy!

“C” — Solar Power is Cool & Saves Cash!

In order to capture the suns’ rays to power your home, you need to put solar panels on your roof. When the sunlight hits the solar panels, it is turned directly into energy that can be used to power your home. The solar panels on your roof can make enough energy to power everything in your home including your refrigerator, T.V., computer, and even your video game systems.

When you go solar, you create your own energy. This means your power bill is much lower. When parents don’t have to pay high electricity bills anymore they will have more money for fun things like going on a family vacation, going to the movies, or buying toys! Using solar panels saves money and helps the planet at the same time.

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Switching to solar energy is an easy transition for the whole family. Be sure your kids are well informed with all the kid-friendly facts about solar power, and they’ll be just as excited as you about going solar.  Contact our team of consultants to start the process and start seeing the benefits of solar today!

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