Chewonki Aims to Prove Hydrogen Benefits

Plans for the hydrogen demonstration project at the Chewonki Foundation in Maine were approved by the Maine State Fire Marshall’s office and the Wiscasset Planning Board.

The hydrogen demonstration system being installed at the foundation’s Center for Environmental Education will allow for hydrogen production through renewably generated electricity. Hydrogen produced through electrolysis will be stored until it is needed to provide electricity during power outages, or used for production demonstrations. The system will store enough hydrogen to provide four days of backup power to the center. “This partnership between forward-looking businesses and the nonprofit sector to educate the public about hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels has proven very powerful,” said Peter Arnold, who is the Pathways Project coordinator at Chewonki. “I am proud that our work together will move the United States one step closer to a solution to climate change.” The Chewonki Renewable Hydrogen Project is the result of a partnership between the Hydrogen Energy Center of Portland and the Chewonki Foundation. It was conceived as an educational demonstration to show how hydrogen is generated, stored, and then used as a fuel. Educational materials and programs developed as part of this project will be available for students, educators, engineers, builders, government leaders, public safety officers and others with an interest in learning about hydrogen technology and the role it may play to address global warming. Major funding for the project was provided through grants from the Maine Technology Institute and the Renewable Resources Matching Fund.
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