Centrosolar Expands Manufacturing Capacity

Centrosolar Sonnenstromfabrik GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of Centrosolar Group AG, has started up a new production line for solar modules. The commissioning of the additional production line means the company has increased its production capacity from previously around 110 megawatts (MW) to 155 MW.

The new production line is already the fourth one turning out solar modules with the quality cachet “Made in Germany”. With a capacity of 45 MW, the new line will now be producing an extra 1,000 solar modules a day. The crystalline solar modules being manufactured are destined for use particularly in solar systems on private houses.

The new line is moreover capable of building 72-cell high-performance modules with an output of up to 300 Wp. The equipment used for the fully automated equipment line has furthermore been sourced exclusively from reputable German manufacturers.

Dr. Alexander Kirsch, management board chairman of Centrosolar, said that the expansion demonstrates the company’s belief in and commitment to manufacturing at its Wismar, Germany location.

“Quality manufacturing in Germany is a major aspect of our business success, both in Germany and internationally. Demand for our modules from Wismar meant the output of the existing three lines was already fully taken up. The extra capacity will now enable us to meet domestic and international demand even more effectively,” he said.

The production capacity of the current Wismar plant, which was built in 2008, had previously already been upgraded from 70 MW to 110 MW in response to increased sales.

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