Carmanah Solar Transit Stops to US

Just weeks after selling 150 solar-powered LED school crossing flashers to a town in England, solar LED lighting manufacturer Carmanah Technologies has made another significant sale.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – December 4, 2002 [] The company’s solar-powered LED transit stops are making a splash in the U.S. as numerous transit authorities embrace this component. By Christmas, these transit authorities are scheduled to install a total of approximately 100 field trial units of the solar-powered LED transit stops, known as the i-STOP. The first i-STOP was installed last week in San Bernardino, California, followed by installations in Medford, Oregon and Denton, Texas. Carmanah’s hometown of Victoria, British Colombia, Canada plans to install 10 units this week, representing the first order in that country. i-STOP units will also be installed at bus stops in Sacramento and Long Beach, California; Arlington, Virginia ; Seattle, Washington and by a water taxi company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. i-STOP is a completely new concept in transit customer service and safety. It is a compact, fully integrated illuminated transit stop system incorporating: a patented flashing beacon to notify an oncoming bus that a stop is requested; Security down lighting so waiting passengers don’t have to stand in darkness, and an illuminated transit timetable for nighttime readability. As the i-STOP is solar-powered, it requires no external wiring, trenching or disruption to traffic patterns during installation. It also enables transit agencies to avoid the time-consuming permit process typical of hardwired lighting systems, according to the company. There are approximately 2500 transit agencies in the United States and Canada that Carmanah is targeting for its i-STOP product. It is estimated that there are more than a million transit stops in use today in North America.
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