Carmanah Presents Solar Solution to NATO

May 5, 2004 [] Carmanah’s Aviation Department had the backing of the US Air Force and US Army to present its solar LED lighting solutions at NATO’s Annual Airfield Marking and Lighting Infrastructure Panel meeting in Fredrikstad, Norway in April. 27 NATO nation delegates from their respective countries were introduced to Carmanah’s new technology for expedited airfield use, with a focus on the success of American and Coalition Forces installations in the Middle East. Carmanah has now supplied close to 7,000 units for the US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corps, Air National Guard, Air Reserve Bases, Japan Air Self Defense Force and the Royal Air Force. In less than 18 months, Carmanah has positioned itself as the world leader in solar LED aviation lighting solutions. Carmanah continues to work with strategic military and civilian alliances such as the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Battlelab and the Federal Aviation Administration.
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