Carmanah Marine Solar LEDs Move Inland

Victoria, British Columbia – August 17, 2004 [] Carmanah Technologies has manufactured solar powered LED lights for the marine industry since at least 1998. Taking the product into aviation, transit and roadway markets has doubled the company’s total sales from two years ago to 100,000 units sold worldwide. As they continue to gain acceptance and market share for the LEDs in multiple markets, the company anticipates its unit sales to grow at an even faster rate. In the aviation market the company now has 15,000 airfield lights installed in 60 countries. In the transit market, solar-powered LED illuminated bus stops and shelters are now in use by more than 70 transit authorities throughout North America and abroad. In the roadways market, the company has recently released solar-powered LED pedestrian crosswalk beacons, school zone beacons and 24-hour flashers.
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