Capstone To Make Turbines that Run on Solar Power

Manufacturer of microturbine systems, Capstone Turbine Corp., has received an order from HelioFocus for the development and modification of Capstone Turbine’s C65 MicroTurbine to operate on solar energy.

HelioFocus Ltd, which develops modular, high efficiency Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems, plans to use a parabolic solar concentrator to focus energy into a solar receiver to drive Capstone’s modified turbine and power electronics.

Under the initial phase of development, Capstone will make modifications to the existing microturbine to operate on superheated air and integrate the microturbine with the HelioFocus solar concentrator system.

“This combined system leverages existing Capstone technology and continues to broaden the range of renewable fuels that are able to power our microturbines,” said Mark Gilbreth, executive vice president and CTO at Capstone.

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