Canada’s Solar Industry Calls for Industry Standards

Misinformation can be the downfall of any industry, so a member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) has stepped up to the challenge of keeping that from happening. ICP Solar has assumed a key role in the self-regulation of the solar industry in Canada.

“The Canadian solar industry is at a pivotal moment,” said Sass Peress, CEO of ICP Solar. “As an industry, we need to help consumers understand what they are buying. I invite my colleagues and competitors to enact and enforce self-regulation standards.” In absence of coherent government leadership it is imperative for the solar energy industry to establish standards of self-regulation, ICP stated. Solar is the fastest-growing global source of energy. In 2003, the solar electric industry grew by 36 percent worldwide. In Canada, early adopters are using solar energy after years of industry- and government-sponsored education and millions of dollars in investment. Increased concern for the environment, rising energy costs and advances in solar technology are factors that have merged to create an opportunity for explosive growth in solar energy. CanSIA and ICP are urging all manufacturers of products sold in Canada to agree to independent testing and reporting on product performance and other standards. To enact real change, retailers must insist on selling only solar energy products that are certified according to industry standards.
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