California Water District Gains 274 kW Solar Power System

A 274-kilowatt (kW) ground-mounted solar energy system will generate 380,000 kilowatt hours annually and augment the long-term energy needs of the Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) as well as help meet demand during peak summer periods.

Designed and installed by SolarWorld California, the system consists of 1416 modules from the company’s factory-assembled design that eliminates packaging. Coupled with an Environmental Learning Center, the CVWD’s system will serve as an on-site example of renewable energy production to teach children from grades K-12. “The District has been encouraged by the opportunity to partner in the Self Generation Incentive Program by constructing an environmentally sensitive renewable energy project,” said John Vega, CVWD Director of Operations. As part of the Self-Gen Program, Southern California Edison defrayed a significant portion of the installation cost with a $720,000 rebate check paid to CVWD. “Employing good Resource Management practices will ultimately benefit the District by optimizing and reducing the required power load to our 3CII Pumping Facility by 27 percent,” added Vega. In Freiberg, Germany, SolarWorld Group operates one of the world’s most advanced integrated solar production facilities, turning solar grade silicon into high quality solar wafers, solar cells and solar modules.

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