California Solar Workforce Study

The Solar Living Institute and the California Community Colleges have released the key findings from a survey of the workforce needs of the California solar industry.

The studies research objectives were to identify solar firms in the Bay Area, their geographical concentration, size of those firms and thier major sectors.

The study also set out to identify key solar occupations that are most relevant to community colleges, to develop projections of future employment growth and identify employer challenges in recruiting. Solar firms were also asked about how they easily then can hire and retain their workforce. They were also asked to define skill sets and education requirements needed for the relevant solar occupations.

The findings included the fact that solar firms in the Bay Area alone are looking to add approximately 1200 new jobs of the next year and that 75 percent of employers across the solar industry said that they are having great difficulty filling open positions.

Read a summary of the key findings of the report from the Solar Living Institute here.


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