California Solar Rebates Lowered as Expected

[] Just in time to add a little damper to the California solar industry’s holiday spirits, the California Public Utilities Commission has indeed lowered the solar rebates available through the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). The decision has been expected for some time now as demand for the rebates has vastly outstripped available funding levels. In this ruling, the CPUC eliminated the maximum percentage payment limits, and reduced the incentive payments for several technologies, including Level 1 solar projects, which are now reduced to USD $3.50 per watt, effectively immediately. The CPUC also eliminated the “maximum percentage payment limits,” which they say have caused considerable administrative complexity. CPUC also directed that administrators for the SGIP program solicit public input in three areas: developing a declining rebate schedule, developing an “exit strategy”, and adapting a data release format.
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