California Solar Bill Update

Don Thompson of the Associated Press has reported that the Solar Homes Peak Energy Procurement Program, know in the California Legislature as SB 199, was rejected by the Assembly Utility and Commerce Committee during the Thursday August 26, session.

August 27, 2004 [] Thompson stated in his article that “(The committee) rejected Schwarzenegger’s proposal in part because it allows for an electricity rate increase, but would let solar-powered homes sell their extra electricity back to utilities for what the administration contends would be a net savings.” Hope for a solar homes initiative isn’t gone yet, however, because the committee voted 7-4 to send a solar energy generation bill, SB 118, to the full Assembly. Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Marina del Rey, sponsored the bill, which retains the idea of a solar energy peak procurement program but would delete any conflicts of interest for the commissioners of the Public Utilities Commission. SB 118 eliminates any rate fees associated with program funding as well. Representatives from Environment California and the California Solar Energy Industry Association, which supported SB 199, could not be reached for comment.


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