California Net Metering Legislation Survives Committee

The legislation that threatened to severely limit net metering options in California emerged from a conference committee Wednesday night keeping intact a provision that allows PV systems up to 1 MW connect to the grid and receive full value for the electricity produced.

Sacramento, California – August 29, 2002 [] AB 58, sponsored by Assemblyman Fred Keeley, moves to the full Assembly and Senate for a vote today where it is expected to pass easily and be signed by Governor Gray Davis. The original net metering legislation was passed in 1995 allowing for system interconnects up to 10 kW, making it more than suitable for the average residential installation of 2 to 4 kW. In 2001, that limit was increased to 1 MW exploding the marketplace resulting in a ten-fold increase in large PV systems. The increase to 1 MW was set to “sunset” back to 10 kW at the end of the year, sending PV advocates scrambling to attempt to influence their legislators, apparently successfully. will continue to follow this breaking story.
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