California Companies Encouraged to Use Solar Power

A $1.4 million solar energy system has been finished on a company in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES, California, US, 2001-07-24 [] A $1.4 million solar energy system has been finished on a company in Los Angeles. Neutrogena Corp. has installed the 200 kilowatt system on 24,000 square feet of roof on its headquarters near the city’s international airport. The system will reduce energy consumption by 20 percent. “Being a good corporate citizen is very important to Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson, and this is a very tangible representation of our commitment to bettering the cities where we work and live,” says president Michael McNamara. The installation was funded by $1 million from the Solar Incentive Program of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, which is designed to substantially lower the purchase price of solar systems for customers of the municipal utility. Siemens Solar panels are used and the system was designed and installed by the PowerLight Corp. “This is the type of leadership the people of California need from the corporate sector to successfully meet the energy consumption demands in the State,” says Woodrow Clark, a spokesman for California Governor Gray Davis. “I commend the LADWP for their promotion of solar energy, and strongly encourage other companies to follow Neutrogena’s lead in using solar power.” “This new solar power system is an example of the innovative ways the city and local businesses are working together to conserve energy,” adds Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn. “Using solar power will lead to a cleaner environment in Los Angeles, and I urge other corporations to follow suit.” “This is truly remarkable,” says local politician Ruth Galanter, chair of the city’s Energy Committee. “A single company has installed a solar system that provides power equivalent to that used by 100 average size Los Angeles homes and, by doing so, it frees up that energy for use elsewhere. At a time when every kilowatt counts, this is a major breakthrough.” The facility will eliminate 513,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. The LADWP solar rebate for residential and commercial customers provides an incentive of $3 to $5 per watt for solar PV systems. The utility has received requests for $2.7 million dollars, and it wants to install 100,000 solar systems in Los Angeles by 2010, and to install 1.5 MW of power each year for the next five years. LADWP will also install solar systems at 35 municipal buildings every year for the next five years. Most city libraries and many park facilities will install solar systems.
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