Bulgaria begins to levy the grid fees

Recently, the SEWRC in Bulgaria decided to levy the grid transmission and shipping fees of the renewable power plant with different rates and dated back to March 3rd, 2010. The PV,wind and water renewable energy plants don’t have to pay for it before that time.


The industry has recognized that this is another heavy attack after the decline of the purchasing price for the renewable power in July of this year. The Bulgaria Wind Commit thought that this decision is discriminatory and illegal. It may drive many plant companies to bankruptcy.


Early in the July of 2012, the Bulgarian government has claimed to reduce 50% of the FIT of new solar power approved in the April. The Semerdzhiev said then: ‘Our decision has not occurs substantive change yet and only the renewable surcharge need change. As the production of renewable energy has improved, therefore, it leads to the NEK a great loss. This change has only considered of the current situation instead of the future.’


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