BP Solar Works with UK PV Demonstration

United Kingdom – June 28, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] The UK Government is going to start a £2 million funding program to add 650 kWp of solar power in the UK, through a diverse range of innovative and sustainable projects that include houses, schools, public buildings and a children’s hospice. Solar electricity will be showcased as practical, efficient and available, and the government has a renewable energy target of 10 percent of electricity by 2010. BP Solar is involved in half of the initiatives to install 313 kWp of additional capacity. This is the latest round of funding under the government’s £25 million Major Photovoltaics (PV) Demonstration Program to support 5 to100 kWp scale solar electric power installations. Among the main projects is a redeveloped bus station in Stanley, Co. Durham where a main passenger concourse will have a glazed facade and glass canopy using BP’s PowerGlaz panels, a new school in the North West of England which wants to address many issues of sustainability and renewable energy, and a children’s hospice in Surrey plans to build a number of arrays on its roofs and on its double-glazed conservatory. To date the government has awarded £15 million worth of grants to various projects.
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