BP Solar Wires Remote Angolan Village

The 360 residents of the village of Paranhos in the African country of Angola will soon have reliable electricity from solar power, thanks to the joint efforts of BP Angola, the governments of Angola and the United Kingdom, the regional government of Bengo Province and the Paranhos Farmers Association.

Paranhos, Angola – October 15, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] Paranhos is located 55 kilometers to the north of Luanda. The village has some 50 houses and 10 communal buildings, and a population of about 360 people. Currently only 6 houses have electricity from a small unreliable generator. It was selected for this project because there is good road access to Luanda, it is newly re-developed with resettled inhabitants (including demobilized soldiers from the Angolan conflict), there are several community buildings and it has an active farmers association that will own and operate the system. BP Solar is responsible for the design, manufacture and delivery of the equipment and will oversee installation by a local sub-contractor. They will also visit the project after installation to check on its condition and monitor performance. The project includes four major components: a central system to supply electricity to the Farmers Association buildings, the school and the teachers house, a water pumping system, a separate system for the medical center (including a vaccine refrigerator) and a total of 12 stand-alone streetlights. This project will provide reliable power to the village 24 hours a day. The project will be completed in less than six months and will cost approximately US$250,000. The Paranhos Project has been developed following extensive consultation with the Government of Angola, notably with the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Assistance and Social Reinsertion. The project will also involve close cooperation with the Regional Government in Bengo Province. The project will be jointly funded by BP Angola and the UK Government (through the British Embassy in Luanda), as part of BP Angola’s Social Investment Program. It will serve as a showcase to demonstrate in Angola the potential for solar energy to bring power to rural communities. As well as installing the system, the project includes training in maintenance for members of the Paranhos Farmers Association, which will own and run the system after installation.
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