BP Solar Unveils New Mono2 Prototype

BP Solar unveiled its new Mono2 prototype module at the Solar Power 2006 Conference and Exhibition — currently under way. The new product combines BP Solar’s silicon growth process with a new screen-printing process, called Nuline, to improve solar cell and overall module efficiency. Mono2 products will offer the efficiency and appearance of monocrystalline products at a production cost similar to multicrystalline products.

BP Solar, which plans to begin production of Mono2 products by mid-2007 at its Frederick, Maryland, manufacturing facility, reports that Mono2 casting process increases cell efficiency over traditional multicrystalline-based solar cells that prints conductors onto the cells, allowing the cells to produce in excess of two percent more power than those printed with conventional processes. These two new technologies combined result in an overall cell and module efficiency increase of roughly eight percent versus their conventionally manufactured counterparts. “BP Solar scientists have developed these process improvements to further close the gap between conventional monocrystalline wafers and cast multicrystalline wafers,” said Eric Daniels, vice president of technology for BP Solar. “They are key to achieving our goal of making solar power as affordable as conventional electricity.”
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