BP Solar Launches Solar Home Solutions

Shifting their marketing strategies to a more customer-focused approach, BP Solar will market to California homeowners a total solar energy solution that will reduce or eliminate monthly electricity bills, enhance energy independence, and help clean the environment through the production of emissions-free electricity using the power of the sun.

Linthicum, Maryland – February 5, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] “Homeowners want reliable energy in the form of a complete solution and are increasingly stating their preference for green, environmentally friendly products,” said BP Group VP for Renewables John Mogford. “That’s exactly what we’ll deliver: lower energy bills and control into the homeowner hands through a customized and branded system with a long-term panel warranty, backed by a company that’s been around for 100 years.” In addition to a highly efficient and reliable solar system, BP Solar will offer customers financing options, access to California Energy Commission (CEC) rebates up to 50 percent of the purchase price, a full planning, installation and commissioning service and an exclusive in-home display, enabling customers to track their system’s electricity production. The company is reaching homeowners through a campaign of direct mail, newsprint, radio and television advertising. By taking advantage of the Internet as a part of its outreach, BP Solar offers a Solar Savings Estimator on its Web site. Simply by entering their zip code and utility bill, the online Solar Savings Estimator allows homeowners to calculate their potential savings, the payback period and the environmental benefits of having a system for their home. “A decade ago, the industry focused on developing new technologies and driving down manufacturing costs,” said Mogford. “Our products are affordable and generate clean, reliable electricity. We now need to become more customer focused.”
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