BP Solar Completes One MW Array at Fairgrounds

BP Solar completed the installation of a 1 MW solar project on the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Over 9,000 of BP’s solar panels have been installed on several horse stable roofs on the grounds of the fairgrounds generating one MW of power.

San Diego, California – June 6, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] The power from the solar panels is fed directly into the Fairgrounds’s own transformers reducing the Fairground’s electrical consumption by 22 percent and decreasing the monthly electrical bill by about one-third. This is the largest utility-tied installation in San Diego County. The project, valued at over US$5 million, deploys 9,600 solar panels that have been installed on 11 different stables within the Fairgrounds. Partial funding for the project was provided by the Del Mar Fairgrounds and through the San Diego Regional Energy Office’s Self Generation Rebate Program. Other financing was made available through California Construction Authority. These state funds totaled approximately 50 percent of the total solar system cost. The system was inaugurated at the site by state and local officials, and representatives from the San Diego Energy Office and BP Solar. “Solar is the perfect answer to meet the energy needs of the Fairgrounds,” said Ron Tovella, BP Solar director, North American Utility Sales. “We are extremely proud to bring the clean power of the Sun to such a pristine and beautiful environment and to partner with such forward-thinking organizations like the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the San Diego Energy Office.”
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