Boston Logan In Solar Garage Plans

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) has approved US$55.7 million of funding to rehabilitate the Terminal B parking garage at Boston Logan International Airport. The project includes the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the garage roof and the replacement of existing lighting with low consumption LEDs.

The installation of 16 solar panel trees is expected to produce around 84 MWh of electricity annually, or around 2.5% of the total garage annual consumption. Each is a single structure design with a stem and steel frame that uses solar panels as a roof. The design has the added benefit of collecting rainwater that will be used for landscaping and cleaning projects on the airport. Each solar array will be mounted on an air ventilation unit on the roof of the garage and will not affect parking or the number or spaces available to travelers. Total cost for the photovoltaic solar panels is approximately $1.4 million.

Massport also estimates that the use of LED fixtures will use 49% less electricity – or about  2.2 GWh.

Constructed in 1974, the Terminal B garage has 2640 spaces on five levels and the project is expected to take 44 months to complete with the installation of solar panels starting this year.

Massport CEO and executive director Thomas J. Kinton, Jr. noted: “If the panels live up to our expectations, we have the capability of doubling the number of solar trees on the roof of the garage.”

Later this year Massport is also planning to issue an RFP to purchase renewable energy credits so that by 2010 all of the electricity the Authority uses for its own operations will be offset through the purchase of those credits. This will allow the operations of the Authority to be carbon neutral.

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