Bosch & Sustainable Energy Partner in Canada

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. and Bosch Solar Energy AG have agreed to jointly market Bosch thin film PV modules in combination with the Sustainable Energy’s Sunergy inverter for the Ontario market.

Under a memorandum of understanding, Bosch Solar Energy will be the preferred supplier of high efficiency micro-morph thin film PV modules for Paralex systems distributed by Sustainable Energy in the Province of Ontario. Paralex is an integrated solar PV product solution for rooftop and ground based solar PV systems that includes solar PV panels, inverters, wiring and other DC electrical components, incudling a DC-to-DC inverter. 

Under the memorandum of understanding the Bosch Solar Energy and Sustainable Energy are committed to developing a roadmap to build modules and inverters in the Province which will meet 2010 and 2011 domestic content thresholds of the Ontario feed in tariff program. The two companies have set installations targets of between 10 and 15 megawatts (MW) for 2010 and between 50 and 75 MW for 2011. 

“We are very excited about this partnership with Sustainable Energy, because it enables Bosch Solar Energy to introduce its expertise in the thin-film technology to the growing Canadian market for the first time. Thanks to new funding structures in many places, the Canadian solar market offers great potential in the next years. With this well-matched combination of Bosch solar modules and photovoltaic components from Sustainable Energy we can offer a competitive system in the future that, above all, allows us to begin to appropriately serve this appealing solar market in Ontario,” said Peter Schneidewind, executive vice president of Bosch Solar Energy AG. 

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