Bosch Solar Expands Cell Production

Bosch Solar Energy opened a new solar PV production plant in Germany this week. The plant has the capacity to pump out 10,000 cells per hour and bring Bosch’s total production capabilities to 630 MW.

With this new plant, Bosch Solar Energy will triple its nominal capacity. The expansion of its facilities will be completed next year when the research and development center and the new main administrative building are finished.

In addition to cells, the new, 12,000 square-meter plant also includes part of the wafer production. Thus, with the completion of this facility Bosch Solar Energy achieved the first step towards an integrated factory which will unite all steps in the production process – from silicon ingots to finished modules.

Bosch will have invested around € 530 million in this location by 2012. This is supposed to create a total of 1,100 jobs.

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