BioSolar Starts Pre-production of Solar Modules

BioSolar Inc., a company that produces bio-based materials from plant sources that for use in solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, announced that the company expects to begin commercial production of its BioBacksheet over the next few months, and is gearing up for pre-production runs.

The announcement follows BioSolar‘s filling of a comprehensive patent application. Earlier this year, BioSolar  revealed that materials derived from cotton and castor beans compose the company’s BioBacksheet. The backsheet is a protective covering, traditionally made from petroleum-based film, used in the back of virtually all photovoltaic solar cells.

“The ability to evaluate and remedy real-time issues encountered during multiple pre-production manufacturing runs will prove invaluable as we gear up for full-scale production,” said Dr. David Lee, BioSolar’s CEO. “Once pilot runs are successful, the next step is to transition to commercial production manufacturing runs.”

According to Beacon Equity Research analyst Victor Sula, previous attempts to make solar backsheet with bioplastics failed due to the material’s “low melting temperature and fragile molecular structure” but that BioSolar’s material has, “overcome these constraints” with “durability characteristics similar to conventional petroleum-based plastics.”

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