BioSolar Reveals Cotton & Castor Beans Behind its Solar Technology

BioSolar Inc. revealed at the SPIE Symposium on Solar Applications and Energy earlier this month that materials derived from cotton and castor beans compose the company’s BioBacksheet. The backsheet is a protective covering, traditionally made from petroleum-based film, used in the back of virtually all photovoltaic solar cells.

“Until today, this information has remained highly-guarded over the past 18 months as BioSolar established academic and industry credibility,” said Dr. David Lee, BioSolar’s chairman and CEO at SPIE. “Now that our technology is strongly protected both domestically and abroad, we are able to share this exciting news with the public.”
The bio-based components are a composite of cellulosic material derived from cotton, combined with an arcane nylon (nylon 11) derived from castor beans. The two sustainably sourced components are combined utilizing the company’s proprietary manufacturing process.

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