Bekaert Introduces Rotatable AZO Targets for PV

Bekaert has introduced rotatable sputtering technology for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market. Bekaert is building on its rotatable sputtering technology in glass and photovoltaic applications by developing a new range of rotatable sputter target materials for the deposition of TCO layers used in PV cells.

TCO layers are essential building blocks for all thin film PV (amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium telluride (CdTe) and CIGS applications, where optical transmission and electrical conductivity are required simultaneously.

Bekaert’s rotatable sputter targets are one-piece targets. Bekaert has added to its TCO portfolio a new target material – AZO, Zinc Oxide doped with Aluminum oxide (1-2 wt%). Other target materials available from Bekaert for the PV market include ITO (e.g. In2O3:Sn), Al, Mo, High Purity Si, ZnAl, ZnSn, and custom-made alloys. The company will be explaining the application possibilities at the New Munich Trade Fair Center Munich (MMG) from March 4 – March 6, 2009.
“Bekaert’s innovation, heavy investment in R&D, exemplary customer service and comprehensive understanding of customers’ applications led to the company’s market-leading position in rotatable sputter solutions for automotive and architectural applications. We’ll be adopting the same approach in the PV market.” said Koen Staelens, product market manager of Bekaert Sputter Products.
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