Beacon Power Inverter Gains Market Share

Less than a month after receiving a UL listing on their latest solar inverter, the Smart Power M5, Beacon Power’s inverter was also added to approved listings in California and New York, two of the country’s most important solar markets.

Wilmington, Massachusetts – January 22, 2004 [] In California, the California Energy Commission (CEC) officially added the Smart Power M5 to their approved products list. Through its Emerging Renewables Program, the CEC offers cash rebates to homeowners and small businesses when purchasing eligible grid-connected renewable energy systems. In New York, the Public Service Commission (NYPSC) added the M5 to its Type Tested and Approved Equipment list, which means the Beacon system is now approved for interconnection to the utility grid in that state. “The CEC and NYPSC listings are essential steps in the sales process in two of our most important state markets. In California, only CEC-listed products qualify for the buydown rebate,” said Bill Capp, Beacon Power president and CEO. “It is also worth noting that according to CEC standards, the M5 delivers the highest system efficiency of any comparable grid-tied battery backup product.” The Smart Power M5 is designed for use in grid-connected solar power applications, and addresses the needs of customers who have concerns about the stability and reliability of the electrical grid. The Smart Power M5 immediately converts to an independent battery backup mode when the grid fails, continuing to provide power to critical loads. The company also contends their inverter is also the most compact, easy to install and efficient product in this category.
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