As an alternative energy resource, solar energy and related technologies are getting more important with every passing day. The applications of solar powered products are financially supported by local authorities in many countries as being an extention of their environment friendly “green” governmental policies.


Advantages of Ayvaz’s Insulated Solar Hoses

  • They provide proper connections for especially individual solar power assemblies.
  • Easy and quick assemblage.
  • Bending radius is so low that all the complicated an expensive welding processes are solved.
  • They have got great insulation capacity and heat expansion resistance.



  • All the parts in connection with fluid are made by stainless steel.
  • No ageing and fading problems occur in time
  • No twisting and reduction in cross sections happen
  • Highly resistant against the axial pressure through the length of the hose
  • Perfect temperature and diffusion resistance




Ayvaz’s insulated metal solar hoses are preferred by their superior features that provides proper and economical connections for solar powered heating systems. On the other hand, insulated metal hoses are quite resistant against the ultra-violet effects of the sun and other external conditions and are very useful to complete safe and secure applications.


We use EPDM( Ethylene-Propylene-non-conjugated Diene Rubber) as the insulation material for our insulated solar hoses. It is a kind of non-polar, saturation and no cracks rubber. Our EPDM insulation provides many advantages over most rigid insulations for cooling and heating lines. Closed cell foam structured EPDM material is developed to overcome the negative effects of environment, besides of these the material which has a great solvent resistance and has a great insulation capability between -200C° and 175 C.


Some Other Features of EPDM

  • Low Flammability, self-extinguishing, no fireball drops, limited fire spreading.
  • Resistant to water.
  • Resistant to stretches and chafes
  • Low & stable thermal conductivity


Ayvaz’s Insulated Solar Hose Product Range

  • 2in1 insulated Solar Hose (PA Braided)
  • 2in1 insulated Solar Hose (Non-Braided)
  • 1in1 insulated Solar Hose (PA Braided)
  • 1in1 insulated Solar Hose (Non-Braided)
  • Nanoflex,  2in1 insulated Solar Hose (UV Covered)
  • Nanoflex,  1in1 insulated Solar Hose (UV Covered)




As a mostly preferred connection hose for solar heating systems, Ayvaz’s 2in1 insulated hose saves on time and handling while it promises a completely leak-proof assembly. High temperature resistant and recyclable insulation material and UV resistant polyamide braiding protects the hose from the mechanical damages. The separable structure makes the assembly of this hose very easy through feeding and return lines. The insulated hose which is manufactured with 3 different insulation thickness (9mm, 13mm, 19mm) has been developed to meet various requirements in different application conditions.


Ayvaz 2in1 insulated hose has very important features to reduce the heat loss, assembly time and the costs also with its environment friendly structure makes it a highly rated product among its rivals.

The hose also contains a sensor cable which is used to connect the hose to the temperature sensors in the collectors and the control unit.


The flexible design of the hose enables the connection between collectors and the pump with using no additional fittings (elbows etc.) The versions without polyamide braiding are suggested for the cases, the working conditions are not too heavy in order to make economical assemblies.




Nanoflex hose assembly is developed to be used in extremely high and low temperature levels. High-tech insulation material Aspen Aerogel is used as the insulation material and it provides easy, quick and reliable connection for solar powered systems.


The Features of Nanoflex Solar Hoses


  • High temperature resistance up to 600C°
  • Good movement capability with having low insulation diameter.
  • Highly resistant against UV effects of the sun
  • Easy separable compact design
  • Easy assembly and fixation allowance with no need for clips
  • Decorative design with the special UV cover in four different colours.
  • Great resistance against birds and other species.


Boilerflex is a highly rated assembly against rigid copper and stainless steel pipes with its great efficiency and heat transfer capacity and increased surface area  in especially heat exchangers and hot water boilers.



  • Almost doubled surface area in comparison with rigid pipes and great heat transfer capacity.
  • Easy assembly with its flexible and easy bending structure.
  • No reductions in cross sections occur.
  • Highly resistant to the high temperature and fire.
  • Thin wall thickness for faster heat transfer.
  • No strain due the self-cleaning.
  • Due to elastic structure anti-lime design.
  • Easy to bend.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Acid resistant.



The wide corrugated structure of Boilerflex assemblies has been specially designed for Boiler applications. The hose which is easily bent and has a great surface area is developed in the way to prevent the noise caused by the fast moving fluid transportations and keep the pressure difference at minimum level.

2in1 solar hosebiler flex2in1 solar hose

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