Awesome new book on solar now available

Hello everybody. Okay, I must confess I haven’t done a post in a while, and this one will be a shameless plug, but in my defence I have been busy…


My new book is out!!! Yes, that’s right folks, the literary event of the year has arrived. Essentially I have written a short book on very large scale solar – what it is, why we might need it, the background technologies, the problems, what is happening and so on. Obviously this is a huge area, so the book is an introduction and round up, for people who are interested and want to know more. The idea is that there are already lots of specialist papers and reviews on the solar market, but not many useful syntheses. 


The book covers things like large- scale PV and CSP and looks at the projects built and under development in Spain, the USA, China, India and elsewhere.. as well as ‘visions’ like Desertec and the India Solar Mission. Obviously this is a very fast changing sector, but as I say it should be useful information for all! It also looks at environmental and resource challenges and the economics etc..


It is currently available on Amazon in the UK and Europe and will be out shortly in the US! 


You can check it out at:

or at the publishers…


Bye for now!!





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