Award Furthers Multi Solar System Development

Millennium Electric T.O.U., a subsidiary of Universal Communication Systems (UCSY), has been awarded a €1 million (US$1.3 million) Consortium Agreement by the Commission for the European Community in the framework of the Cooperative Research Program, for ongoing development of the “Multi Solar System Roof Tile, etc.” within the framework of the project known as “Development of an Integrated Solar System for Buildings.”

Herzelia, Israel – February 24, 2004 [] The project, in a range of €1 million (US$1.3 million), also includes several other European participants and will be coordinated by Millennium Electric, the holders of the International Patents for the Multi Solar System (MSS) Technology and Applications. Other participants include Ad Fontes of Germany, Verea of Spain, Maniero of Italy, Apex of Bulgaria, TTZ and RTD of Germany, the University of Seville of Spain, and the Technical University (DTU) of Denmark. “The objective of this project is to further develop our world-class Multi Solar System Energy Collectors, and move in the direction of the solar industry which is Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic Energy Production Systems, by developing a new generation of advanced PV Solar Panels that will be capable of being integrated into any type of building, to serve as different structural elements whether as roof tiles, windows or even facades.” Millennium Electric reports that to date, over 100 Multi Solar Systems have been successfully installed in Israel and around the world and have been working successfully for over 13 years. This new award by the European Commission will help move this technology into the next phase, and bring the next generation of green energy to the building industry and beyond. This award is a major endorsement of our company, its patents, its products and technology systems,” said UCSY Chairman Michael J. Zwebner. “The MSS technology and their applications are a world leader, in a class of its own, with no comparable competitor in the marketplace today. We believe that this new major award will open the door for us to many new solar energy markets.”
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