Australians Put About 1 GW of Solar on Their Roofs Last Year

Australian homeowners and businesses installed 1.1 GW of solar PV last year, mostly for rooftop solar, according to the Australian Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme data released yesterday.

CER said that Australians preferred larger capacity systems in 2017 to reduce costs. The average solar system capacity doubled since 2012, from 3 kW to 6 kW.

According to CER, the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme provides a financial incentive for installation of renewable energy systems through small-scale technology certificates which Renewable Energy Target liable entities have a legal obligatio​​n to buy and surrender to the Clean Energy Regulator on a quarterly basis.

“We are seeing a wide cross-section of Australians — households, community centers, schools, and small businesses — receiving incentives under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme,” Clean Energy Regulator Executive General Manager Mark Williamson said in a statement. “Our data shows consumers are embracing renewable energy to take control of their electricity bills.”

CER data show that in 2017, there was a 41 percent increase in installed renewable energy capacity across all of Australia’s states and territories compared to 2016. Queensland led the way with installed capacity at 295 MW, with the Australian Capital Territory taking top place for biggest annual increase, up 57 percent.

“The data collected by the Clean Energy Regulator in 2017 reflects the industry is going from strength to strength. It looks like 2018 will be another big year for the solar industry,” Williamson said.

Lead image credit: CC0 Creative Commons | Pixabay

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