Australia Planning World’s Largest Solar Structure

A consortium of Australian and German companies is investigating the construction of a Aus$700 million solar electric power station that would feature a tower of 1 km height.

MELBOURNE, Victoria, AU, 2001-10-30 [] The chimney would be designed to withstand high winds and would form the core of a Solar Mission station with 30 turbines at the base, and a 5 km glass catchment area, which could generate enough energy to power 200,000 homes. Various sites in Australia’s interior are being considered for the power tower which would displace the emission of 830,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, says Roger Davey, head of the Melbourne renewable energy company Enviromission, a member of the consortium. “It is the largest single renewable energy project in the global market place, which will be able produce 200 megawatts of power, 24 hours a day seven days a week,” he says. “It works purely from the sun, using three old technologies, a greenhouse, turbines and a tower.” Up to 2,000 people would be employed to construct the solar plant over three years, with an additional 7,000 jobs created in associated industries, he claims. The cost of the project would vary, depending on the final design, but the company plans to build at least six towers in Australia.
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