Australia, New Zealand Solar Homes Open House Coming

The Australian Greenhouse Office has announced the latest event in its suite of initiatives to help consumers and the Australian building industry become greener.

Queensland, Australia – August 30, 2002 [] On Sunday September 8, builders and designers around the country will have the opportunity to promote their work to thousands of potential clients by opening their homes to the public. Solar House Day allows people who are considering building or renovating a house to gain a first-hand insight into the style, comfort and economic benefits of real passive and active solar homes. It also offers builders and designers of environmentally sustainable homes an opportunity to gain critical exposure of their product to new markets. The aim of the inaugural Solar House Day is to demonstrate the practical benefits of owning a home that requires virtually no heating or cooling other than that provided by the sun and our environment. Solar houses provide enjoyable and healthier living spaces and, by working with the natural environment, are responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Passive solar design features of the open homes include orientation, insulation, thermal mass, high performance glazing, shading and ventilation control. ‘Active solar’ measures such as photovoltaic and solar hot water systems on the roof will also be illustrated and explained. Visitors pay a small fee on the day which then allows access to participating houses in the region. A comprehensive information kit will be provided to visitors, with material explaining the features of the homes they tour, as well a copy of the Your Home magazine. Information will also be provided on how to access the Commonwealth Government Photovoltaic Rebate Program. Solar House Day is managed by the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society with funding support from the Australian Greenhouse Office. The AGO has also contracted the services of a public relations company to establish nation-wide media interest and community awareness of the project.


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