Aussie Students Donate PV System

As a parting gift to Abbotsleigh School here, the Year 12 girls of 2002 have donated a Plug&Power rooftop PV system.

Sydney, Australia – December 9, 2002 [] The students raised the money themselves. With the assistance of a Community Rebate from the Australian Greenhouse Office they were able to purchase three Plug&Power modules. The electricity being produced reduces the school’s electricity bill but more importantly, provides an environmental statement and education resource for future years. The gift was a decision involving all the Year 12 girls as they wanted to give something that would last and help the environment. Through their studies at Abbotsleigh the girls had undertaken environmental projects which have made them more aware of the fragile planet they live on. These studies helped them choose Plug&Power. The Plug&Power system includes a Sunlogger interactive display monitor, located in a strategic position in the school allowing the girls to see how much clean green electricity is generated each day and more importantly, how much carbon dioxide they are saving. This is important to them because carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas causing global warming. Its biggest source in Australia is from burning coal to make electricity. This will lead to some interesting experiments for future years to see how much electricity they can save the school and how much carbon dioxide they can stop polluting the planet. Pacific Solar, the company behind Plug&Power, is installing Plug&Power systems throughout Australia.
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