AstroPower to Energize Clarum Developments in California

AstroPower, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Clarum Homes, which will make solar electric power a standard feature in two new Clarum communities. The agreement provides that AstroPower will supply 277 solar electric home power systems within the next three years, and they will be standard on every home in the new Vista Montana community in Watsonville and the new Shorebreeze IV community in East Palo Alto.

NEWARK, Delaware – June 26, 2002 [] “Clarum is building homes that include solar electric power as a standard feature and incorporate green-building products as well as energy-efficiency features,” said Bob Ruggio, Manager, Residential System Sales, at AstroPower. “By including these features as standard, Clarum is enabling homeowners to reduce their energy consumption by up to 60 percent.” Clarum will incorporate AstroPower’s 1.2-, 1.6-, 2.4-, and 3.2-kilowatt SunLine™ packaged solar electric power systems in its two new communities. AstroPower’s SunLine system generates solar electric power and delivers it through the home’s existing circuits. Electricity not used in the home is sent back to the utility grid, spinning the utility meter backward and generating a credit on the homeowner’s utility bill. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly into the construction process and it features all necessary components for ease of operation, including a power meter so homeowners can monitor performance. “Solar electric power adds value to the homes we build,” said John Suppes, Vice President of Clarum Homes. “By giving homeowners the tools they need to generate their own electricity, we’re enabling them to save money on their utility bills. We’re also differentiating our homes in the marketplace. We set out to provide exceptional value for our customers by adding solar power, and in the process we did something exceptional for our business.” Clarum has combined AstroPower’s solar electric power systems with a variety of other technologies in an effort to reduce electricity demand in homes in the Vista Montana and Shorebreeze IV communities. “In doing so, Clarum is offering homes that drastically reduce electricity bills,” said Howard Wenger, Vice President, Premium Power, at AstroPower. “This is great news for consumers who face much uncertainty with respect to future electricity supply price and reliability.” “There is significant momentum driving solar electric power into the hands of mainstream consumers,” said Dr. Allen Barnett, President and CEO of AstroPower. “This agreement is significant not only because Clarum has adopted solar power as a standard feature, but also because it is bringing this value to homebuyers in multiple communities. This agreement is an example of the effectiveness of the incentives in California which are making solar electric power available to all homeowners.”
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