Astronergy Building 10-MW Solar Plant in China

Astronergy and its partners have formally launched the first 10-megawatt (MW) phase of a planned 100-MW photovoltaic power station in central China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Initially covering two square kilometers in Shizuishan City in the arid Gobi Desert region, which receives on average 1,600 hours of sunlight per year, the project is expected to be completed within three years.

In response to ongoing local and regional government calls for the development of new energy resources, in light of Ningxia’s unique combination of geography and meteorology, Astronergy teamed up with a number of investment and technology partners to prepare proposals.

Half of the first phase of the project will use Astronergy’s conventional crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV modules. The other half will use Astronergy’s new amorphous silicon/microcrystalline silicon tandem junction thin film technology (a-Si/uc-Si) — one of the first photovoltaic installations in the world to do so.

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