Are PV Manufacturers Coming Up for Air?

After many months below the murky waters of the global recession, PV manufacturers seem to be getting a bit of breathing room. The capital markets are starting to thaw, silicon and wafer contracts are being renegotiated and some manufacturers are able to sell cheap product and still make a profit. But that doesn’t mean the rough waters have calmed yet.

In this podcast, we’ll talk to some PV manufacturers about their health and about the general state of the market.

Ron Kenedi, vice president of the Solar Energy Solutions Group at Sharp, describes the differences between the solar PV market last fall and the market today.

Craig Lund, director of business development for 1366 Technologies, talks about the challenges of being a start-up PV manufacturer.

Shyam Mehta, senior solar analyst at GTM Research, describes what the PV manufacturing landscape may look like in the U.S. By 2012.

And Chris O’Brien, head of market development for Oerlikon Solar, speculates on how competition may play out among the various thin film technologies.

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