Applied Films Receives Order for Solar Cell Production Equipment

Applied Films has received an order for three integrated vacuum coating systems for the production of micromorph solar cells. This gives Applied Films the potential for higher cell efficiencies and an opportunity for the economic production of large area thin film cells.

The market share for thin film solar cells is currently at approximately 5%, states the release. Experts predict a 20% share of annual solar cell production by 2010. Fostering this growth is the current restricted supply of solar grade bulk silicon as a feedstock material for wafer-based solar cells. Applied Films’ micromorph thin film solar cell production equipment deposits the TCO front contact film, the light-absorbing layer structure and the back contact. Thus cell manufacturers can maximize their cell efficiencies by adjusting the parameters of the TCO coating in interaction with the light-absorbing layer and back contact coatings. This approach has been developed in cooperation with the Institute of Photovoltaics at the Research Center in Julich, Germany. “We are a leading supplier of large area coating equipment for the flat panel display and the architectural glass industry. Our experience here, underpinned by the cutting edge micromorph technology that we supply, will definitely help us to benefit from the fast growing thin film PV market, and develop it further still,” stated Joachim Nell, Executive Vice President Solar & Web, Applied Films. Applied Films recently signed an agreement with Applied Materials to acquire Applied Films.
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