Application Methods of PV Systems

Photovoltaic equipment has diferent usage places and styles in building. At first, they can be classified as to the fields they are used. PC componants, as the coating unit in roof or facade, it is possible to use them instead of these units. Moreover in necessary places being used as sunshade, preventing the extra energy gain that is not wanted to be received in building and also by earthing these energy that is not wanted to enter the in building, electric energy is being obtained. The ones produced in the form of thin roofing equipment defined as Shingle of PV components, the ones coated on metal roofings has a form produced as preserved in a metal frame and another form produced electric energy directly from solar energy. A photovoltaic building unit or component is used as a exterior facade coating eqipment. On top of electric production, since it fulfil the whole function of the building unit/ component that it substituted, it is double function building unit/ component. Also, it is needed to aesthetic, it is a multi function building unit/ component actually. Photovoltaic building components can be used in building, in facade and also as a special building components as sunshade. Especially the ones that is thin film gains the buildings a aesthetic appearance by coating the exterior facades of them.




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