Apartment Complex Gains Solar Energy System

A multi-unit apartment complex in Buena Park has installed a 51 kW solar electric array on the roof of its tenant parking garage. SolSource Energy, which designed and installed the system, believes it to be the largest solar electric system in the city.

Buena Park, California – July 21, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Consisting of 324 Kyocera KC158G solar electric modules, the PV system offsets approximately 50% of the complex’s total electrical requirement. Since the electricity expenditures were previously master-metered, they represented a major cost element to the owner. “This is a win-win proposition for the tenants and myself,” said William Green, owner of the complex. “I can lower my overhead costs and focus on providing better tenant services.” Now, with the PV system in place, the apartment complex is able to lower its overhead costs and provide its owner with a greater financial return, while providing tenants with power generated from clean, renewable, solar energy. “This apartment complex was able to significantly reduce its electricity bills and hedge against future electricity price hikes by installing a solar energy system,” said Ram Ambatipudi, General Manager of SolSource Energy. “A solar energy solution makes sense for other apartment complexes, hotels, motels, and a wide range of other hospitality-related businesses.” Recent developments in manufacturing processes have made PV a more affordable electrical generation alternative for both homes and businesses, according to Tom Dyer, Vice President of Marketing and Government Policies at Kyocera Solar, Inc. “With current California rebates and federal cost sharing, consumers can receive financial benefits from an investment in PV fairly quickly,” Dyer said.


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