Amordad Solar Brings Out Most Cost-Effective Vacuum Tube Solar Panel

Madrid, Spain – April 20, 2012 – Amordad Solar, one of the leading Thermal Solar Energy firms in Spain is going to launch a new vacuum tube solar panel on May 1, 2012. The foremost appeal of the new product is the high quality and efficiency in relation to its extreme price sensitiveness compared to other similar panels in the European market. The most effective and the latest technology have been used to construct the product. It is easy to integrate in any building and can be placed vertically covering a façade. This new thermal solar panel has been certified by the most demanding laboratories in Europe. It will be an ideal device for heating water in large facilities mostly in hotels, resorts, sports centers etc. while it can also be applied to smaller domestic installations as its efficiency is much higher than conventional panels. Customers will get an aesthetic panel at an extremely low price. It is easy to maintain because the tubes can be changed without interrupting the circuit in case of damages. The round shape of the vacuum tubes takes much advantages of amordad Solar radiation from dawn to twilight. Its efficiency will therefore remain almost the same in cold weather and the simplicity of the system will help to lessen the maintenance costs. Nicolai B. Hertz, Sales Manager of the company said, “With this new vacuum tube panel, we’re expecting to enter projects and countries where it has never before been possible to use vacuum tube solar panels due to their elevated price. This is great news for the solar market.” Amordad Solar is in the leading position of producing solar thermal systems using vacuum tube technology. In 2003, it became the first distributor in Spain of semi-transparent PV modules, which is also known as Solar Windows. By 2006, the company decided to register Amordad Holdings S.L. in Madrid. Since then Amordad has been expanding rapidly throughout Spain, Portugal and Latin America. For more information contact with Nicolai B. Hertz at +34 685 132 860 or visit website

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