Amonix, MiaSolé & Spire Set to Receive Manufacturing Tax Credit

Earlier this month, the White House announced the recipients of US $2.3 billion in tax credits designed to stimulate the U.S. renewable energy manufacturing sector. Details are now emerging about the recipients and how the companies will be using the funds allocated under the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit.

Concentrating solar photovoltaics (CPV) panel manufacturer Amonix, which recently acquired Sunworks Solar LLC, said that it will create 436 manufacturing jobs in Nevada and Arizona using $9.5 million in stimulus funding.

The company was granted $5.9 million for manufacturing work in Nevada, and $3.6 million for work in Arizona. The stimulus funding will be used to expand permanent manufacturing operations in Nevada and Arizona.

Amonix will begin construction of its new manufacturing facility in Nevada by the end of 2010. When completed in the first half of 2011, that facility will create 269 new jobs for the state. The Arizona facility, which will create 167 new jobs, is pegged for a 2011 construction start, with completion scheduled by the end of that year.

MiaSolé, which manufactures CIGS thin-film photovoltaic modules, has received US $101.8 million in tax credits to expand its capability to manufacture of solar cells and modules. MiaSolé will be using the funds to ramp up its manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California. The company increased its workforce from 150 to 300 employees in 2009.??

“We believe the award is a reflection of the Department of Energy’s confidence in MiaSolé’s technology and business model,” said Dr. Joseph Laia, the company’s CEO. “The strong show of support by the Obama Administration is encouraging, and we look forward to ramping our manufacturing capacity and creating jobs aided by these funds. We also view the commitment of the Administration to create green manufacturing jobs as important in positioning the United States towards the future.”??

Finally, Spire Corporation, which last week got a go-ahead from NREL for the second phase of a CPV development program, said that its Spire Semiconductor LLC subsidiary, has received confirmation from DOE that it is in line to receive more than $2 million to expand its III/V Compound Semiconductor Foundry facility in Hudson, New Hampshire for the production of CPV modules.

“Spire Semiconductor being awarded over $2 million in tax credits for its path of commercialization of our concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology could not have come at a better time. We have just announced the approval of Phase II of our National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) subcontract for developing technology to cost-effectively manufacture 42% efficient, 500 sun, multi-junction concentrator solar cells for systems,” said Roger Little, chairman and CEO of Spire Corporation. “With the PV industry continuously growing, the availability of this tax credit will allow us to grow along with it. This opportunity will allow us to establish a state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing line to produce our proprietary triple junction high efficiency cells and support our growing CPV customers.”

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