Amonix Introduces CPV System

Amonix has released its newest concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) product, the Amonix 7700. WIth a capacity of 53 kilowatts (kW) per unit, the Amonix 7700 is designed for utility-scale deployment and is the first CPV system capable of converting one-fourth of the sun’s energy into usable electricity, the company said.

Utilizing multijunction solar cells, the Amonix 7700 is comprised of seven proprietary MegaModules that are built to maximum transportable size for rapid and cost-effective field deployment. Incorporating Amonix’s patented dual-axis tracker, the Amonix 7700 generates over 40% more energy in sunny climates than conventional fixed solar panels, according to the company.  

“The Amonix 7700 is the largest and most powerful high concentration photovoltaic power generator in the world and leverages our fifteen years of field experience to reliably produce cost-competitive and emissions-free renewable energy,” said Vahan Garboushian, Amonix’s CEO.’s Stephen Lacey will be speaking with Garboushian at the Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo this week in Las Vegas. Check back with our video coverage of that event to see the interview.

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