American commerce published the dual anti-tax rate on Chinese solar product

The American Commerce published the final result of the dual anti-tax rate. They announced that the dumping margin of Chinese PV inverter manufacturers in the U.S. is 18.32% to 249.96% and to receive subsidy that countervailing measures can be taken from is 14.78% to 15.97%. The U.S. International Trade Commission will make a final ruling on November 23.


In terms of anti-dumping, Suntech got a final tax rate of 31.73%, Trina of 18.32%. The rest of the PV solar manufacturers will face a high anti-dumping tax of 249.96%.


In terms of the countervailing, the countervailing tax rate of tens of solar companies including Suntech is 14.78%, and 15.97% of the rest of Chinese manufacturers.

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