Airport Project Provides 1.4 MW of Solar Energy

The first solar power plant in the Megawatt class in the Saarland region of Germany has been connected to the power grid. The facility, with 1.4 MW installed capacity supplies a major boost of ecologically clean solar electricity. It has been built on fallow ground in the airport area. Construction of the Solar Power Plant has been finished by City Solar AG on time.

Saarbrucken, Germany – March 30, 2004 [] With more than 9,000 Sharp CP150P and CP155P photovoltaic (PV) modules for a total capacity of 1.4 MW peak, the solar power station is among the biggest in Germany. Arriving by plane at Saarbrucken Airport the 40,000 square meter power plant can be seen from far away. Solar AG More than 400 four-person households can thus be supplied with renewable energy during the whole year. Full financing of the 6.5 million EURO project had already been assured through a closed investment fund by 166 private investors before start-up of the plant. “This solar project would not have been built without the outstanding assistance from all levels of the Saarland Ministries involved in the authorization process, from the level of specialist to the highest levels of the Ministries”, said the managers in charge of the project, Stefan Kasterka of the Saarbrucken unit of City Solar AG and Frank Wolf, Managing Director of Voltwerk AG, declared to the Press. The official inauguration of this project which is by far the largest in Saarland will take place at the beginning of springtime with the participation of numerous guests from politics and economy. Solar Park Saarbrucken is also the first Photovoltaic Power Station of the Megawatt class built under the modified EEG-law (Erneuerbare Energie Gesetz = Law regulating the Supply of Renewable Energies to the grid). Just before the end of the year the deputies of the parliamentary groups of SPD, Býndnis 90/Greens and CDU/CSU had agreed on the modification of the conditions for the promotion of photovoltaic energy. This had become necessary, as the 100,000-roofs-program, a mainstay of the promotion, had ended. From the beginning of this year new tariffs are in force, regulating the payment of the solar energy sold to the respective energy company (owner of the local grid). The tariffs for the electricity supplied are valid for twenty years from the date of connection of the solar power station to the grid. Thus the income from the photovoltaic power station is regulated and guaranteed by law. “We are happy with the quick all-party consensus concerning the expansion of this futuristic technology,” Kasterka said. “The new regulations will accelerate the growth of the solar energy market.”
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