Advanced Energy Solaron Inverters Achieve Highest-Ever CEC Efficiency Ratings

Advanced Energy Industries’ Solaron solar photovoltaic (PV) inverters have again achieved record-setting ratings in the California Energy Commission (CEC) list of approved inverters. Last month, AE inverters exceeded their own record of 97 percent CEC-weighted efficiency by posting a 97.5 percent CEC efficiency rating.

Solaron 333 kW models, which were introduced to the market in 2007, have now surpassed their original CEC-weighted efficiencies of 97 percent to be rated at 97.5 percent, with peak efficiencies of 98.2 percent. In addition, the newly introduced Solaron 500 kW utility-scale inverter has been rated at 97.5 CEC-weighted efficiency, with a recorded peak efficiency of 98.5 percent.  

The CEC is the leading North American agency to review, compile and approve inverters for commercial use. The CEC posts specifications for hundreds of inverters that have been approved by certified testing facilities.

To hear about a project that utilizes Advanced Energy inverters, play the video below.

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